Wednesday 8th February 2023

Bajaj TC 2007 Portable Air Cooler


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Keep your homes, offices, restaurants and shops cool with the new Bajaj TC 2007 Portable Air Cooler. This air cooler is made using a thermally re-engineered plastic body that is corrosion-free. This cooler is compatible with all climates and coastal regions. With a water tank capacity of up to 37-litres, this cooler is ideal for cooling medium to large size rooms. Thanks to the castor wheels at the bottom of this cooler, it can be easily moved around to clean and relocate from one room to another. This air cooler is integrated with an advance cooling technology and powerful motor that guarantees maximum air throw range, which keeps your surroundings cool for the entire day. The built-in chill trap technology allows ultra-fast cooling by trapping the cold air inside the cooler. No need for you and your family members to take turns and stand in front of this cooler to get some cool air as its powerful four-way air deflection blows cool air in all directions. Also, its cross-ventilation feature ensures the whole room is uniformly cool. Regulate the speed of the cooler as per your needs with the 3-way speed control. The easy-to-read water level indicator in this cooler lets you know how much water is there so that you refill the tank through the water inlet when required and keep the room cool at all times. It also features a control button that lets you control the humidity and temperature of your room and keep it cool. The quiet performance of the cooler lets you have a comfortable and sound sleep along with cool air throughout those sultry nights. This cooler is compatible with inverters, which means you can keep your house cool even during power cuts.




Brand : Bajaj

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